Congratulations! The "Isolation Show" is Complete! 

     The Isolation Show of 2020 is complete!  From the first submission of Peggy Caballero's "Zola the Aardvark " to  the last submission, Roberta Labastida's "Cluster of Flowers"  we collected FIFTY unique and wonderful works of art  by a wide assortment of our artists and posted them in our "Isolation Show"

       But don't stop now! We're still "confined to quarters" so let's submit to the show to be posted in May - our "Expanded Media 2.0 Show" (EXM2) Since our previous "Expanded Media Show" included painting on a car  (thank you, Bob Pinner, for once again expanding our media horizons)  it seems as though (almost) anything will go. 

     So take a photo of your work and email it to Scott Trimlett, Include the title, dimensions, media, price and your name and Carol Kubie will post it to our next on line only show. 

     No fees, no prizes, no pressure. Stay healthy, stay home, and stay "arty" and send photos of your work to Scott for posting in May's "Expanded Media 2.0 Show."  And if you need inspiration, be sure to revisit the first "Expanded Media Show" as well as the "Isolation Show" shown below.